Oba Tkuti Lampuh Business The Pitt-Jolie-Aniston Debate – A Tale of Two Tees – Who Sides With Whom and Why

The Pitt-Jolie-Aniston Debate – A Tale of Two Tees – Who Sides With Whom and Why

The debate maintains over the exact nature of the connection among Mr. โรงงานเสื้อยืด And Mrs. Smith stars, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and what function their “friendship” played in the fall apart of Pitt’s marriage to Jennifer Aniston. As ladies pick sides, the debate has was a story of two tees as ladies buy t-shirts to reveal their aid.

T-Shirts for Team Aniston and Team Jolie

Cashing in this controversy, is Kitson, a commercial enterprise savvy boutique that is promoting baseball T-shirts that say “Team Aniston” or “Team Jolie.” The $30 ultra-modern tees, made by way of White Trash Charms, have been these days featured in People mag. Women can now display the sector where their loyalties lie. So far Team Aniston is in the lead.

Who Chooses Which Side And Why

Have you ever wondered who chooses which aspect and why? In a current interview with Brittany Schaeffer of the New York Daily News requested my opinion about the type of women who support Angelina, individuals who guide Jen; and why girls pick out the edges they do.

Read on for my evaluation of the players on Team Aniston and Team Jolie:

Team Aniston

Women who help Jen by means of sporting the Team Aniston tees tend to be

o Scorned wives, ex-wives, and unmarried girls who have been cheated on inside the past. With an estimated 38 to fifty three million lady victims of infidelity, it is no surprise that Team Aniston tees are currently outselling Team Jolie tees through a margin of 20 to 1.

O Women who experience Angelina intentionally seduced Brad away from Jen, despite the fact that she didn’t sincerely sleep with him – but.

O Women who blame Angelina for the cut up among Brad and Jen.

O Women who view Angelina as a predator with a hidden schedule that protected seducing her co-superstar in Mr. And Mrs. Smith. (Angelina admits that she continually falls in love along with her male co-stars.)

o Women who become aware of with Jen’s candy, innocent, lady-subsequent-door photograph.

O Women who believe Angelina’s self-described role of being a shoulder for Brad to cry on was all a part of her scheme to snare him.

O Women who are satisfied that displaying Brad what a terrific mom she is, became a part of Angelina’s strategy to win Brad’s coronary heart — especially because youngsters are his hot button.

O Women who sense that Jen got a uncooked deal in all this complete affair.

Team Jolie

Women who align themselves with Angelina by way of wearing the Team Jolie tee have a tendency to be

o Women who discover with the mistress or the “Other Woman”

o Sexy, sultry, seductive kinds, or women who pick out with those tendencies.

O Women who join the idea of “put your guy first and do whatever it takes to hold him.”

o Women who fault Jen for putting her career beforehand of her husband.

O Women who feel that considering Brad felt so strongly about having kids, Jen need to have given him a child. Since money became no longer an problem, they might have without problems hired a Nanny so Jen could hold to pursue her performing profession.

O Women who sense that if a lady doesn’t do the things vital to preserve onto her guy, then she merits to lose him.

O Women who sense that Angelina became now not in charge for Brad and Jen’s divorce.

O Women who experience that Brad and Angelina make a higher ( sexier, extra interesting) couple than Bran and Jen.

Meanwhile, the tee shirts are selling like hotcakes, as women pick sides and show their support. And the talk is boosting box office income for Mr. And Mrs. Smith, which remains the various top five summer time movies. Team Jolie tees confirmed a quick surge in income the week Mr. And Mrs. Smith changed into released, but Team Aniston tees nevertheless preserve the lead. (They’re on lower back order right now, so if you want one, there’s presently a 2-week wait.)

Nobody Blames Brad

What’s thrilling to note is that rarely all of us is retaining Brad answerable for his role within the scenario. Most human beings forget the reality that no matter the state of Brad’s marriage on the time, he made the very last choice on how far to allow the state of affairs with Jolie cross. Much of the blame for the break up rests squarely on his shoulders. He manifestly noticed the scenario developing, but did nothing to put a cap on it or to sever the growing friendship among himself and Angelina Jolie.